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Some hilarious situations that can occur…
The fire alarm goes off at the most crucial moment during the 2018 World Cup Soccer Championship Game --- and the Croatian firefighters' reaction goes viral! Behind these 17 photos, there are many stories that show us that the world is constantly improving!

Some hilarious situations that can occur only in an airport waiting room!

July 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Airports really represent micro-worlds; and not just for the size, or for the multitude and variety of people who pass through them every day; but also because it is the scene of such strange situations, at times, that it seems to be almost paradoxical.

Therefore, if you plan to take an airplane to go on vacation, be prepared: you may experience one or more of the hilarious situations that we are about to show you.

Do not forget to take photos and share them with us! ;)

1. Attention! Don't trip over the puppy dogs in the waiting room!

image: cloudform

2. She lost sight of her husband only to find him in the children's area, absorbed in the Pixar-Movie Marathon!

image: janeR61

3. This pilot wanted to play a practical joke. Or at least we hope it's a joke ...

image: CorkyBravo

4. How to recognize your baggage instinctively

image: Chiba_Lotte

5. Do some of your work while having fun

image: D5R

6. Meet your soul mate by accident at the airport

7. Keeping an eye on the airline ticket agents --- the new frontier!

image: Cavemansol

8. When the emergency phone does not work, clearly it is better not to have any emergencies!

image: Spokes1215

9. This gentleman was watching "The Avengers" on his laptop when he suddenly realized that he was not the only spectator!

image: araw

10. Whoa! This is really customizing your baggage!

11. He went to pick up his daughter at the airport dressed in a very original way ...

image: eldy50

12. Harry Potter's Severus Snape actually exists and works at American Airlines!

13. He wanted to take a selfie but had not turned the camera towards himself; someone, however, was already ready for the shot.

14. When he was dressed, this young boy did not know that he would meet a Victoria's Secret model at the airport; yet never was a t-shirt more apt

image: trolollies

Writing on the t-shirt: "Sorry girls, I only date models."

15. If there is a God, he is very self-ironical!

 16. Finding your own doppelganger at the airport was not a pleasure. For neither one of them.

image: apollodeen

17. A canoe team that does not miss an opportunity to practice or have fun

18. Trolley bags for kids

image: Hans

19. This dog decided to give birth in the airport waiting room!

image: FlyTPA

20. Forrest Gump has stopped running and this time he prefers to fly

image: brimstn

21. The illustrated chronicles of Dads who fall asleep at the airport

image: Scooby303

22. When waiting is based on pure faith!

image: Hdg56

23. Mothers face courage challenging tests at the airport.

image: Unknown

24. And if your baggage weighs too much, and you do not want to pay the extra baggage fees, do as they did ...

image: stou
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