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4 simple meditation techniques to chase…
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4 simple meditation techniques to chase away insomnia and fall asleep in 15 minutes


You spend the whole day just dreaming about returning home to get some sleep, and when the long-awaited moment finally arrives and you find yourself lying in bed, that's when your fatigue disappears, obscured by feverish mental activity, and sleep becomes an impossible task.

Whether you suffer from insomnia or not, you have probably experienced at least once the unfortunate situation of not being able to sleep.

Naturally, traditional and natural medicine offer different remedies for sleepless nights; howeverthere are also other alternative methods against insomnia, one of which is meditation.

Below, we propose some meditative practices, to experiment with, both day and night to help you fall asleep.

1- Conscious meditation. To "turn off" the seemingly thousands of thoughts that fill your mind as soon as you close your eyes, it is useful to focus on the real problem that afflicts you. You can do it both in bed and during the day, maybe writing it down in a diary. This method of concentration helps us to become aware of our worries, freeing them from the confines of our mind. 

2- Abdominal breathing techniques. Rhythmic breathing is a calming experience that relaxes your body and mind. With your eyes closed and your hands on your abdomen, focus on your movements and the rhythm of your breathing. This practice is even more effective if carried out in a relaxing atmosphere - such as in the dark and with soft music; moreover, you can also try it during the day, or in moments of stress.

3- Mental images. It is called "guided mental imagery", and helps to free the mind and body from stress, projecting the individual into a safe and comfortable dimension. Lying in bed, imagine something calm and tranquil - such as the rhythmic movement of ocean waves, or the slow movement of the clouds in the sky. In fact, practically any mental image that transmits serenity will be a valid ally against insomnia. 

4- Counting. Not just sheep, but anything that you want! The act of counting provides a focal point for the mind, preventing it from being out of control and distracting it from the stress experienced during the day. Lying in bed, with your eyes open or closed, count each number accompanied by a deep but natural breath. 

These meditation techniques have been shown to have beneficial effects on the overall physical and mental relaxation of the people who practice them and actually promote sleep. You can also experiment with them during the day, to reduce stress levels, as well as combine them in ways that are suitable for you. The important thing is to do everything naturally, especially without despairing or thinking about the passing of time --- just be confident in the fact that you will fall asleep.


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