15 tricks that will give you a brilliant…
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15 tricks that will give you a brilliant solution for everyday challenges

June 16, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Everyday life is full of little inconveniences that we do not expect. But we also do not expect that there are a lot of easier and much simpler ways to solve certain difficulties.

Previously, this knowledge was handed down orally from generation to generation. However, today grandma's remedies are all on the Internet and you do not even need to go and search for them because we have gathered them here!

Here are 15 tips that will simplify your life.

1. A bobby pin for nails

image: Lifehacker

Are you afraid of the proverbial hammer hitting your fingers? Use a bobby pin. A normal-sized nail fits perfectly into the bobby pin spaces and you do run the risk of hurting yourself.

2. Old sponges transformed into ice packs

Instead of buying a very simple rectangular plastic container to fill with water, you can reuse old sponges and transform them into ice packs. Wet them, put them in a bag, and leave them in the freezer.


3. Bottons for earrings

They seem to be made for this! Buttons, with two central holes and the perfect size, are very useful to store a pair of earrings, perhaps so as not to lose them during a trip or simply to keep inside a drawer.

4. Do not forget about electric plug covers

image: HuracanATX

Anyone who has children will be familiar with safety covers and knows how easy it is to lose these transparent gadgets. We advise you to stick them on the plug or, if that is not possible, place them on top. It's the safest way not to lose them around the house and to easily put them back in place.

5. Color-saving wipes to scrape the pots

image: Blossom

This will amaze you. To remove grime and the most difficult burnt food from your pots and pans, just use a color-saving wipe. Fill it with hot water, add a little soap and place the wipe on the surface of the pot or pan. After an hour you will see that most of the marks are gone and the others will be easy to remove.


6. Use a glass jar directly on the blender

Instead of soiling other dishes, put the ingredients in a glass jar and turn it over on the blender. Most of the blades and blenders adjust to its size. Once you have blended everything, you will already have your smoothie directly in a glass!

7. Pictures on the fork

Instead of doing a balancing act with a nail, hammer, and a small picture in your hand; you can fix it to a wall temporarily with a fork. The wonders of physics.


8. Disinfect the bathroom brush

If you are a bit picky, you can pour the disinfectant directly on the bathroom brush while it is on its holder. It will disinfect the bristles and you will not even have to touch it.

9. Ironing tablecloths

image: wikiHow

It is not really necessary to iron tablecloths. Instead of folding them, just roll them around a tube. We assure you that you will no longer have to hear your mother-in-law's complaints.


10. Adhesive lint rollers for mosquito nets.

The adhesive lint rollers, normally used for clothes, also work very well on mosquito nets. Now you know about it!

11. Clothes hangers used for ties

image: Wear at Work

Do not worry if you do not have an automatic tie rack. With a simple clothes hanger you can keep them tidy and in order in the same way if not better.

12. Use color-saving wipes for soap residue

image: Wonder How To

In addition to cleaning pots and pans, the color-saving wipes work well to remove soap residue from the shower stall. Just remember to moisten them first.

13. Use Scotch tape to hang paintings on two nails

image: BeaulaGoo

No, it is not as you think. But you can use adhesive paper tape to take the measurements of each hanging object that needs two nails. Cut off a piece of tape, attach it to the object and mark where the holes will be placed. Then, with the help of a level, attach the tape to the wall. Put nails on the marks previously made, take off the tape, and your nails are in their ideal position.

14. Clean the microwave with lemon

image: Kitchn

Cut a lemon in two and place it in a microwave with a little water. Run it for five minutes and keep the oven closed for another three. The hot vapor generated will make it very easy to remove all the dirt and grime.

15. Lemon juice without seeds

image: LHack TV

Here is some more information about lemons! Do seeing lemon seeds in your plate bother you? Simply cut the neck of a small plastic bottle and insert it into a lemon. The juice will collect under the plastic and you will have an easy and fast way make homemade lemon juice.


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