10 excellent reasons to use white vinegar…
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10 excellent reasons to use white vinegar every time you run the washing machine

June 15, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Vinegar is a liquid that has been made since ancient times and that human beings have learned to employ for the most diverse needs and with such effectiveness that sometimes we wonder how it is possible that so many other artificial products have been created which, basically, do nothing but "copy" the functions of vinegar.

Of its many applications, today we want to talk about laundry, especially about all the good reasons to resort to white vinegar when you put clothes in the washing machine.

1. White vinegar works like a natural color fixer and brighter.

2. White vinegar makes fabrics such as carpets and towels softer.

3. You can safely use white vinegar instead of fabric softener! Its effectiveness is proven and the impact on the environment much less harmful!

4. White vinegar lengthens the life of clothing as it is less aggressive than artificial laundry detergents.


5. White vinegar eliminates the traces of laundry washing powder that sometimes remain attached to clothing causing annoyance and irritation.

6. White vinegar also neutralizes bad odors effectively.

7. Stubborn stains can be treated by putting clothes to soak in water and vinegar a few hours before washing.

8. In addition to softening clothes, white vinegar can be used to eliminate static electricity. Just pour 4 tablespoons (60 ml) of distilled white vinegar on the clothes before proceeding with the rinse cycle.

 9. Acts as a natural antibacterial agent

10. Closing on a high note, this miraculous fermented liquid is excellent also as an anti-limescale and anti-mold disinfectant agent for the washing machine! Pour a glass of vinegar into the detergent dispenser and another small amount in the fabric softener drawer. Next, proceed to set your empty (no laundry!) washing machine to run a complete high-temperature cycle to thoroughly disinfect your washing machine!

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