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A Rottweiler stood guard over an abandoned…
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A Rottweiler stood guard over an abandoned newborn baby for an entire night and saved his life

May 28, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That dogs are "man's best friend" is an indisputable fact for lovers of these faithful animals.

However, even those who are not lucky enough to have one by their side, most likely, will have already heard about incidents that can testify to this fact.

In any case, if that has never happened, we'll give you that opportunity now, by telling you an incredible story that has as its protagonist a brave Rottweiler dog and a helpless baby.

We are in the city of Canelones, in Uruguay and in a shack, on the night of Monday, 14 May 2018, a young woman gave birth to a baby, abandoning it soon after and fleeing. In fact, as reported by the local press, the young woman, who suffers from multiple mental disorders, had not informed her family of her pregnancy and, after giving birth, had gone to a health center claiming to have had a miscarriage.

Fortunately, there was Rottweiler dog living there, that is described by his owners as a dog "of good character, very devout, obedient and docile"! This Rottweiler was the first to find the newborn baby boy and, unexpectedly, to take care of him all night, trying to warm him with his body. But not only! 

In fact, the following morning the dog alerted the newborn baby's grandfather by barking and led him to the baby. The man found the newborn baby still attached to its umbilical cord and, after wrapping him in his jacket, he rushed the baby to the hospital.

Thanks to this four-legged hero, the newborn baby managed to survive! And you, do you know any other stories of brave dogs?

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