Here's everything you need to know before…
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Here's everything you need to know before you start cleaning the walls in your house

May 04, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Many of us do not even think about it, but the walls in our house, even if not to the same extent as the floors, are subject to the accumulation of dirt, especially stains and fingerprints, and also dust!

Consequently, what can we do, to make sure that good cleaning results are obtained without running the risk of ruining the walls? Each wall material, of course, has its own appropriate cleaning procedure!

Here's how to deal with wallpaper and walls treated with paint!

Whether dealing with wallpaper or painted walls, the first step is to remove dust from these forgotten vertical surfaces. You can do this by using a common high-reach microfiber duster with an extendable pole, or by using a vacuum cleaner while taking care not to leave marks on the wall caused by contact with the suction tube. If you do not have these tools, you can resort to a common broom covered with a microfibre cloth. As for the cleaning movement, start from top to bottom and proceed from left to right. 

If the wall you want to clean has been treated with paint, the second step will be to use a liquid substance, but be careful! Before applying it to the entire surface, it is always good to do a test on a part of the wall that is not exposed to the eye, such as a space behind a piece of furniture. 

Start by placing an old cloth or rag on the floor that will absorb any drops of liquid, then fill a bucket with warm water and a small amount of liquid dish soap. Proceed with the cleaning of the wall using a clean rag (of natural fiber or in any case one that does not release color once in contact with water) or a special stick equipped with a rubber scraper (such as a squeegee). If you can, try to complete an entire wall without pausing and in this way you will avoid going back to re-apply the solution where you have already used it. Once this is done, you can dry it quickly with a dry and clean cloth. 

For the removal of stains and marks, you can use a magic eraser sponge or a small amount of baking soda applied with a cloth. However, also, in this case, do not forget to first test the product in a space not exposed to the eye and avoid applying excessive force. 

If your walls are covered with wallpaper, however, you should proceed with more caution. Always start with removing the dust and then use a soft sponge, which you can wet with a mixture of soap and water, but before using the sponge on the wall, it should be squeezed very well until it is almost dry. For marks, you can try to remove them with a common pencil eraser. 

At the end of this household chore, do not forget to also clean the door jambs, wallcoverings, and window slats, otherwise, with the first breath of air, new dust and dirt will settle on your beautiful, freshly cleaned walls.

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