The animal that captures your attention most can give you some clues about your character -
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The animal that captures your attention…
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The animal that captures your attention most can give you some clues about your character

April 25, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The way we are changes with the succession of experiences we have in life but according to some people, the essence with which we come into the world remains the same.

This concept is also found in the belief of many cultures in the world that see animals as potential allies as well as spiritual guides (totem animals).

In some animals, in fact, it is possible to trace characteristics in which we see ourselves than in others, with whom we have intimate connections.

With this test, you will be able to discover what is the meaning of your attraction to one of the animals hidden in the drawing which contains a total of nine animals.

Concentrate for a moment on this image. Which of the nine animals that it contains attracts you the most?

#1 Dove

Symbol of peace and purity, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. If it is the dove that first attracted your attention, it is likely that you are a wise person with a calm nature. You represent a point of reference and hope for those around you.


#2 Eagle

Wild, free, and predatory --- if it is in the eagle you see yourself reflected, then you are a determined person, who after setting a goal will do everything to reach it.

#3 Dog

We all know the distinctive traits of dogs and if this is the figure that captured your eyes, it is very likely these are the same traits that distinguish you! In fact, you are loyal but proud, loving and generous, protective, and playful.

#4 Praying Mantis

This is a superb creature in regards to the use of its senses and it is very patient. If it has attracted your attention, you are a person who knows how to listen to your deepest self and let yourself be guided by it. You have a strong fighting spirit but it is not unruly, and it often helps you succeed.

#5 Wolf

Strong in the pack but also lovers of solitude --- if it is the wolf's gaze that struck you immediately, then you are a person who stands out in a crowd without even having to try. What highlights you is your self-confidence and your pride.

#6 Hen

If this is the animal that has attracted your attention, it is likely that you are a very persevering person, smart, and anything but docile! You appear to be tame but if someone attacks you, then you know how to respond decisively.

#7 Horse

Also, in this case, this is an animal that loves freedom, with the difference that a horse has a strong ability to adapt and moments of affection that he loves to show to his own kind, but also to humans. If this is the animal that you have chosen over the others, then you are ambitious, determined, honest, and diligent.

#8 Butterfly

It is a creature that symbolizes beauty and change. If this was the image that stood out, it is likely that you are a flexible person, who is not discouraged by an unexpected turn of events but who, in fact, can give their best even in the most difficult situations. In addition, you possess a nice dose of personal charm!

#9 Crab

Hard exterior, soft interior --- this is the characteristic that you have in common with this creature. The armor you show externally serves to protect what is most dear to you, but other important aspects of your personality are honesty and consistency. 

Do you see yourself in these distinctive traits?

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