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A flight attendant recognizes the condition…
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A flight attendant recognizes the condition of a passenger and makes a gesture that does not go unnoticed!


Flight attendants are prepared to do their job with a focus on kindness to passengers, but what an employee of the US airline Delta did went far beyond the regular in-flight customer assistance service.

After realizing that a passenger had Parkinson's disease, Delta flight attendant Jeffrey Jones did not hesitate to take special care of her, to the point of attracting the attention of a nurse on board the same flight.

A nurse on board noticed what was happening and says:

The gesture of the Delta airline flight attendant on board a flight that departed from Detroit with destination Nashville (Tennessee) was immediate! In fact, after realizing that an economy class passenger had Parkinson's, Jones did not hesitate to move her to a seat left empty in first class, where she would certainly be more comfortable. 

As told by a passenger who noticed what was happening: 

"For the entire duration of the flight, the flight attendant continue to check how she was, he helped her get up and held her hand in moving along the aisle. At a certain point, being a nurse, I asked him if he needed help but he, with a smile and very quietly, told me: "I can do it, thank you ... My grandmother had Parkinson's" ... 

When we landed I told him: "I'm a nurse and I was impressed by the way you took care of that elderly lady. My mother is seventy years old and she has also just been diagnosed with Parkinson's ... I hope she will meet someone who will treat her the way that you treated that passenger today."

The story of this woman has traveled around the world and she continues to urge us to share it because: "We must spread the compassion and the Delta airline company must know that it has a superstar among its employees!".


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