14 fun and economical ways to entertain…
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14 fun and economical ways to entertain your child at home

March 31, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Children, you know, need to be entertained and stimulated, possibly in ways that are useful for their creativity.

If you are also of this opinion and you want to discover some new ideas to propose to the little ones in your house, these simple manual games and projects that are easy to make are just what you need. 

Help them make these games and with a little luck, you will have found something fun and different to do with them that will become a part of your traditional family games!

1. DIY Lightsabers

If your children love Star Wars, they have probably asked you to buy them a lightsaber. How about these do-it-yourself versions made of swimming pool noodles and adhesive tape? See the tutorial here.

2. Soap clouds

How to obtain this curious effect? Just put a white bar of soap in a microwave and activate it for a couple of minutes at maximum power. Once the phenomenon is observed, it is possible to sculpture the cloud and create new, smaller soap bars, using molds.


3. Play with dice

All you need are some empty square tissue boxes (two are enough) to create a very amusing game! On one die the activities to be performed are indicated and on the other how long or how much time the activity must be done. Find more detailed explanations here

4. Tornado jar

Making it is simple, just a glass jar, dish soap, food coloring, and water. See here the effect you get.

5. Rainbow fan

image: Comfyho.me

It may be a summer game from the past but the effect is really nice. Just unplug the fan and color the fan blades, then re-assemble the grille and enjoy the show!


6. A maze of cardboard cartons

Ok, it does not have to be as big as the one shown in the picture but the concept is original. Using cardboard boxes create a maze path where children can have fun finding the exit!

7. A do-it-yourself circuit

image: Bastisimo.com

The theme of the drawing can be different, but this protected space in which the child can create his or her own world will surely be a refuge to which he or she will return many times.


8. Simply leaves!

image: Krokotak.com

Coloring remains one of the most relaxing activities for the mind and doing it using leaves that have fallen to the ground makes it even more fun!

9. Draw images using imprints of hands and feet!

It is important to stimulate all the senses of children, which is why putting them in contact with materials of various kinds is something that is also done at school. This drawing shows you two examples of how to draw and decorate using the imprints of hands and feet.


10. Sponge Bulls-eye Game

Outdoor games such as " Sponge Bulls-eye" are simple but keep kids entertained for long periods of time. In this case, instead of pebbles, wet sponges were used. You can decide what to use based on the age of the child. 

11. Paint with bubble wrap

12. Building blocks made from sponges --- here is a do-it-yourself Sponge Tower Jenga!

Find the instructions in this article.

13. Learn to write with sand

image: Pinterest

A great way to practice writing without using sheets and sheets of paper, don't you agree?

14. The legendary tent!

Never underestimate the power of a tent! You can open a small tent inside your house or make one yourself with a sheet. It's really all about giving the game that touch of mystery and adventure that kids love!

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