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We are losing the ability to enjoy important…
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We are losing the ability to enjoy important moments - This photo makes it clear

March 18, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Young people who lose their life trying to take daredevil "high risk" selfies, people with problems of neck pain, and insomnia related to the excessive use of smartphones! What other signals are we waiting to see in order to understand that we are definitely exaggerating?

The intensive use of smartphones is dangerous, but what is sadder is that we do not even notice what we are missing or losing because we are always holding a smartphone in our hands. 

We live in the most "connected" era of all time, yet all too often we feel alone. We are missing out on reality, which we confuse with what is happening on a screen. 

To show how much we have lost contact with real life is this photo posted on Twitter by photographer Miguel Ángel Morenatti, but taken by photographer John Blanding.

Everyone is watching what is happening on the bright screen of their smartphones --- everyone except an elderly woman in the front row.

image: John Blanding

The elderly lady is not holding a smartphone in her hands, perhaps, she does not even own one. She is leaning on the barrier rail with her hands folded like someone who wants to enjoy the moment. Around her, the crowd screams, shouts, and probably knows much better what is happening, or who that famous person is --- yet, despite the greater involvement, no one is looking where they should! Their eyes are only looking at their screens on which they are probably taking a picture or recording a video. 

"We are losing the ability to enjoy the important moments", wrote the photographer Miguel Ángel Morenatti on a tweet that has gone viral. Apparently, just to be able to take the perfect picture, we are willing to miss the real moment. 

At this point, it would be useful to understand what is more durable over time, the digital image captured by a smartphone or the mental image which is a memory recorded through our eyes and ears? And if the smartphone memory card were to fail and we lost all the photographs? 

Probably we would not remember anything at all because we were always too busy trying to take a better photo, without appreciating reality for what it is and for how it happens right in front of our eyes.

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