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25 wonderful images to remind us that…
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25 wonderful images to remind us that the world is full of beauty

March 01, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If we were to judge only on the basis of the news that we see and hear broadcast on  TV or on the Internet, we would end up thinking that our world is only full of natural disasters and various crimes.

On one hand, nature, which is tested by pollution, "avenges" itself in ever more violent ways while on the other hand, humankind seems capable of nourishing only hatred and divisiveness, instead of concentrating on positive and inclusive viewpoints.

To give you the opportunity to take a break from all this negativity, we have put together a photo gallery of lovely moments, able to elicit a smile from almost everyone! Share this as much as you can ... we really need these positive images!

1. This puppy has tried peanut butter ... and obviously, he liked it!

image: tfro9/reddit

2. A duck accompanies a family of ducks towards a pond


3. A very sweet and obvious friendship

4. How does a pregnant woman practice swaddling (wrapping) a baby? Obviously, she asks her dog for help ...

5. Some sweet little baby chicks, only a few days old, gather around a hot cup of tea


6. With a companion like this, I could spend hours shopping ...

7. A shy little girl gives a flower to a tourist in Guatemala


8. The daily life of an adorable elephant

9. Two children meet their sports hero and cannot hold back their joy


10. Grow up with a best friend ... there's nothing better!

11. Here is how these two friends ask for food EVERY DAY

12. "Hello, please come in and take a seat ..."

13. Photos with the whole family, before the arrival of the unborn child

14. Here's how our neighbor's dog makes us understand that he wants our attention

15. How to use the odious plastic cone for something happy and pleasant

image: jurrr/imgur

16. Dog and cat finally agree (on the position to assume while sleeping)

17. The expression of someone who has found a very comfortable bed

18. Observe a beautiful swan in the company of your capybara friend ...

19. A child shelters a deer from the rain in the city of Nara (Japan).

20. A hedgehog with only one tooth photographed immediately after its bath. This is enough to change your day!

21. Someone is smiling!

22. A proud dad sees his puppy for the first time

23. Wake up in the morning and see the sweetest of images

24. Being happy means having a good friend ... sleeping on top of you!

25. So as not to wake the cat, these people wait for the bus sitting on the curb ... Wow!


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