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18 toys so disturbing that they should…
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18 toys so disturbing that they should not even be displayed on store shelves!

February 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Children's games are certainly created with the best intentions, but sometimes the creativity of adults finds expression in ways that are not entirely adequate for children and the final product is a total failure.

The images that you will find in this article show how some toys have something deeply wrong with them, that makes them totally unsuitable for the innocent play and recreation of small children.

Naturally, one wonders what was going in the minds of those who made these toys!?

Here is the unmitigated truth about the tails of toy horses ...

Custom-made and personalized teddy bears ... Absolutely terrifying.


Those teeth really make an impression.

Perhaps the parents of this child are not so keen on WWII history ...

A doll with realistic expressions ... Well, almost.


When you eat too much honey and you have to put on your dentures.

Where is the rest of the body?


There's something wrong with this Pikachu, but I do not know what ...

Two games in one?

image: wordpress.com

Didn't anyone think that the end result just might not be very funny?

A floating pool mattress ... with a very unattractive image and name! Inadvisable.

The SimpsonSNS?

A pole-dancing doll.

Funny, no?

Poor penguin!

image: amazon.com

These stuffed toys are too pessimistic ...

A pregnant baby doll? A baby having a baby?

Happiness is another thing entirely.

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