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22 absurd things you'll probably see…
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22 absurd things you'll probably see only once in your life

February 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

To take photographs that are impossible like the ones we present, luck is not enough, you also need quick reflexes!

In fact, faced with an unusual situation, some people just freeze and are not able to act, while others feel an impulse to immediately take out their smartphone and immortalize that epic manifestation of nonsense.

Here is a photo gallery of situations that we hope that you never experience in your life!

1. When all the pots are dirty, but you still have to eat ...

2. Does it look like some should change jobs?


3. Ok, but could you make up your mind ...

4. And suddenly ... Stonehenge.

image: pikabu

5. Somewhere a child is having nightmares


6. Things that happen in India (or in places where people can fly)

image: AJQ

7. Congratulations to the architect!

image: cowinspace

8. You know you should not be in there, right?

9. When you go on a photographic safari and you are kissed by Lady luck!


10. Does anyone else find this incredibly disturbing?

11. Many would kill for something like that

12. He's trying to tell you it's time to go grocery shopping ...

13. Parked on the fourth-floor balcony?! How did they do it?

14. A refrigerator full of Super Nintendo Jurassic Park games!

15. No...

16. Did you say "logical"?

17. Goats grazing on the grass growing on the roof of a restaurant ...

18. A bicycle path for daredevils

19. Road surface markings that will cause accidents instead of preventing them ...

20. Example of poor design decisions ...

21. What's that? Oh, only a manhole in the middle of the corridor ...

22. What happened to the star that was on top of the tree?

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