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6 signs that the liver sends us when…
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6 signs that the liver sends us when it is not functioning properly


The liver is a gland that is very important to our body and it is the only human organ capable of regenerating itself, yet the liver is much less known than other organs.

The liver performs a number of impressive functions, including removing toxic substances from the blood and producing bile, but when we subject it to excessive stress we often end up not noticing the warning signs or seriously underestimating them.

Here are some warning signals that we should all learn to recognize.

1. Chronic fatigue

The liver takes part, together with other organs, in the conversion of the glucose in food into glycogen, the body's own fuel. When it is under stress, the production of this supply of energy is lost and a sense of physical exhaustion and mental fatigue that lasts over time is experienced.

2. Heavy and swollen legs

Among the products of the liver that start decreasing when it does not work well is albumin, a protein that thickens the blood. When it is in small quantities, the blood becomes more liquid and the aqueous component tends to leave the blood vessels to spill into the tissues, thus making the lower limbs swollen.
If you do not suffer from this problem but you happen to find yourself with swollen legs, you can make a connection with the liver if you also detect other symptoms that are due to the malfunctioning of this organ.


3. Soreness or pain on the right side

image: pixabay.com

The most voluminous part of the liver extends to the right side of the body and when the liver does not work properly, it starts to increase in size and that causes pain. If you feel any soreness or pain, talk to your doctor.

4. Unjustified weight gain

One of the possible reasons behind an unjustified weight gain could be liver dysfunction. In fact, when toxins and harmful substances cannot be metabolized by the liver, then weight gain occurs. If you notice this increase in weight, although you have not changed your diet, inform your doctor.

5. Yellow color in the eyes (jaundice)

Jaundice can be a symptom of a more or less serious malfunction of the liver. In fact, when the liver does not function well, there is an accumulation of bilirubin in the blood, a substance produced concurrently with the disposal of old red blood cells, which causes the yellowish coloration of the skin and the sclera of the eye.


6. Allergic reactions

When the liver does not work as it should, a certain number of substances are not metabolized and are massed in the body creating a situation of overcrowding. This situation affects the normal functioning of the immune system which begins to recognize some of the substances as dangerous, even if they are not. When this happens, the immune system begins to release antibodies and histamines that trigger allergic reactions of various kinds, often in the form of itchy rashes. 

If you notice one or more of these symptoms in your body, it is possible that you are not taking sufficient care of yourself! Therefore, be sure to talk to a doctor about the real causes behind these warning signs.


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