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19 hilarious situations that only children…
16 situations that would be believed false if it were not for these photos! 23 animals that popped up in photos with humans ... and created a MASTERPIECE

19 hilarious situations that only children can create


When it is said that being a parent is a full-time job, it is certainly not an exaggeration!

Children, by their nature, are very good at getting into trouble, because they are curious and ready for new experiences.

Just turn away for 30 seconds to find yourself in front of a surreal scene! It is precisely in this regard, that we want to make you smile with this photo gallery of hilarious situations that have as protagonists some mischievous little troublemakers!

1. An attempt (failed) to play hide and seek ...

2. A man was reviewing old photos and found a picture of HIMSELF when he was nine years old!


3. And now how do you get out of it?

4. Never play with a pouf chair!

5. She obviously has mastered the art of hide and seek


6. This child did not want any costume, he only wanted to become a traffic light! And he did it!

image: oimky/reddit

7. A man entered the living room and found his son watching TV in this position. For a second, he feared the worst!

image: mc_dad/reddit

8. You turn away for 30 seconds and ...

9. A fierce and dangerous beast!


10. This is the answer to the question: "Do you like popcorn?"

11. This little boy (or girl?) is learning to use the toilet. This is how they go to the bathroom when it is cold!

image: kopo27/reddit

12. Their son kept yowling like a cat and when they entered the room they found him like this!

image: reddit

13. Fortunately, they are only vintage cannons!

14. When you decide to give yourself a quiet dinner out ..

15. This child spent several minutes trying to lift the book, without success ...

16. Has anyone taken the costume party a little too seriously?

image: dnslol/reddit

17. A peaceful tea party with friends

18. A small fish different from all the others

image: netrex/imgur

19. Find a picture of yourself as a child and be terribly ashamed of it

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