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23 inventions that should absolutely…
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23 inventions that should absolutely be made available to everyone


Some inventions become part of our lives and simplify it so much that we can hardly manage to do without them.

There is nothing wrong with delegating some inconvenient or tedious things to technology. In fact, we live in an age when more and more human activities will be robotized!

What you will find in this article are some inventions that are absolutely useful and brilliant, yet we still do not have the possibility to use them daily.

Which one would you like to see made available as soon as possible?

1. A backpack with a hood.

image: inStash

2.A mute button on the microwave oven.


3. A transparent paper hole puncher that allows you to see the position of the hole.

image: Fuzdc4/Imgur

4. Drinking glasses made of edible gelatin.

5. A desalinator that makes seawater drinkable.

image: Pixabay

6. Air conditioning produced by solar energy that keeps cars cool when they are parked under the sun.

image: r00t3r/Reddit

7. Screens in cinema and theater toilets, so that moviegoers will not lose part of the film.


8. A basketball hoop to invite everyone to throw their trash into the garbage can.

9. Benches with rotating seats so passersby can always find a dry seat.

image: Sung Woo Park

10. A car with an integrated swimming pool.

11. A circular shower is both a luxury and water saving.

12. To have the option "None of the previous answers" on ballots. This would be a true democracy!

13. A pen capable of identifying the color of real objects.

image: Jinsun Park

14. A keychain equipped with a GPS tracking device so that you never lose important objects again!

image: The Tile

15. A sunscreen spray booth machine that applies a waterproof sunscreen mist in a homogeneous way.

16. Anti-theft lunch bag, which simulates decomposing food.

image: Amazon

17. A cup with a bottom that collects liquid drops.

image: Kim Keun Ae

18. Gift wrap in a spray format.

image: Imgur

19. A pillow cushion created for people who sleep in particular positions.

20. A slide-shaped staircase to make every descent an explosion of adrenaline!

21. For those who like to sip tea while lying or sitting on a couch or armchair.

22. Very high wedge shoes to wash your car comfortably.

23. A tablet stand which would be very convenient for those using it in a lying down position.

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