20 phenomenal photos that show all the…
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20 phenomenal photos that show all the creativity of Mother Nature

January 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

No one has ever questioned the capacities of Mother Nature, and the latter gives rise to never-ending and astonishing phenomena as if she wants to constantly impress us with her immense artistic qualities and her unparalleled strength.

It just takes a moment to look around on the Internet to discover an abundance of photos that depict real works of art made by nature!

In fact, here we take a look at 20 photos where images of phenomena, that to say the least, are surprising, have been captured and immortalized!

A transgressive tree.

Despite this duck's serene expression, a catastrophe seems imminent!


A linear snowfall?

A completely frozen alpine waterfall.

Sharing the same space and time --- a rainbow under the sun and one under the rain!


A carpet of apples in an orchard after the passage of the Ophelia tornado in Ireland.

An enormous Cumulus Nimbus cloud dumping a ton of rain on a town near Vienna (Austria)!


That's why it is called a "mantle of grass"!

A firefly in action.


A very heavy snowfall blocked and imprinted itself on the front door of a house located at No.100 on this street!

A cherry heart found in a tree trunk!

Tiramisu dessert? No, snow footprints in the desert sand.

A houseboat that can defy all floods.

Very scary tornado-shaped clouds

Trees on the ground that give the scenario a two-dimensional effect.

A 180° rainbow seems to form a protective shield over this neighborhood block!

Russian banks closed due to heavy snow.

A natural Van Gogh.

This office is leaking water everywhere like a sieve!

A sky with a face that seems slightly embarrassed due to the tornado that has just passed.

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