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A dog stares at its new owners every…
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A dog stares at its new owners every night and the reason why makes the family cry ...

December 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you adopt a dog, especially if you decide to take it from a kennel, you know that your family will be enriched by the presence of the new member, a four-legged friend that certainly has not had a pleasant past. 

In this case, the experience of this family is truly unique. After adopting a docile and affectionate dog at a kennel near their house, the family noticed its unusual behavior.

In fact, the dog did not sleep at night, but stayed awake and on guard for hours, watching his new owners sleep. The reason will be revealed shortly ...

Even weeks after the adoption, the dog showed no sign of changing his attitude. Every evening he placed himself near his owners' master bedroom and, immobile, watched them throughout the night.

The family members had long discussions and questioned this unusual behavior and eventually decided to contact a veterinarian but they still did not receive any answers.

image: pixabay.com

At that point, the family decided to ask for information and an explanation from the animal shelter where they had adopted their dog, and finally, the truth came out! The poor animal had been sedated by its previous owner and had awakened in a cage in a completely unknown environment, surrounded by other animals. 

After undergoing such a strong trauma since that incident, the dog associated the fact of having fallen asleep to being abandoned by his owner! This was the reason that now the dog could no longer sleep peacefully. Clearly, the dog felt the need to watch over the new owners to prevent another experience of abandonment.

After the owners discovered the sad reality of the facts, they could better understand the fear and anxiety that made this new member of the family suffer so much. Therefore, they decided to hug and cuddle him as much as possible, paying attention to all of his needs, and making him feel loved and never alone. Only time can try to heal this deep psychological wound that has caused this poor dog to suffer, but fortunately, the love and care given to him by his new family will be, of considerable comfort.

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