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Do you love perfume? Here are 6 clues…
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Do you love perfume? Here are 6 clues to identify a fake designer perfume!

November 23, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When buying well-known and expensive designer perfumes, we can often come across fake designer profumes, sold at a price that is the equal to or lower than normal.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain, we are not buying the designer perfume we intended to buy! But how do we distinguish fake designer perfumes from the original and authentic ones?

Today we want to focus on 6 practical clues that can easily help us understand if the advertised designer perfume is a fake, often just by looking at the box and the packaging ...

At first glance, a fake designer perfume may seem to be the same as the real one, but in fact, there are significant differences ...

1. Look at the perfume box cellophane wrapping.

Original high-quality designer perfume boxes are wrapped in a thick layer of cellophane, that perfectly adheres to the box. In the case of a fake, the cellophane wrapping may even not be present or be very thin and not adhere to the packaging.


2. Look carefully at the writing on the box.

Often fake designer perfumes have a slightly different name from the original. Maybe a letter has been added or has been changed! Therefore, it is good to notice any discrepancies in regards to what we would expect to see in writing on the perfume box.

3. Pay attention to labeling and other symbols.

An original designer perfume always has its own packaging with the expiration date, country of manufacture, composition, and milliliters of fragrance clearly visible. If any of this information is missing, then you should begin to be suspicious. You can also confirm information by deciphering the barcodes. Nowadays, you can read what you find printed on the box and check that it matches a production site by checking with your smartphone (by downloading a special app that decodes the barcode).

In addition, on fake products, you will discover that some information is missing such as the batch number and the traceability code, therefore, do not forget to check!


4. Take a look at the internal protection for the perfume bottle

A bottle of perfume needs to be adequately protected against any shocks that could damage it, so an original designer perfume box has an internal foldable cardboard structure that ensures its integrity.

5. Check the designer perfume bottle

The glass bottles that contain designer perfumes are made from a single piece of glass, there are no junction lines inside through which air can infiltrate, favoring the formation of mold. Not only that, the surface of the bottle should be smooth and above all the bottle should not be excessively lightweight. Another detail that should not be underestimated is the color --- compare the item you are about to buy with one which you are certain of and make sure the color is exactly the same. 


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6. Make sure that the designer perfume bottle is symmetrical

Since original designer perfume bottles are symmetrical, it is not possible that the designer perfume logo is decentralized or placed directly on the side. If symmetry has not been respected, then you can be sure it is a fake designer perfume, no matter how much it costs! 

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