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25 curious facts that will change the…
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25 curious facts that will change the way you see the world

November 02, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Many people say that the difference between a person that is alive and one that is dead is the presence of curiosity.

That certainly is a very obvious distinction, but nevertheless true. One must never cease to be curious, to ask questions, even those questions that have no answer.

Today, however, we want to give you some answers, responding to questions that you may not have ever asked yourself.

For example: what if Jupiter was the same distance as the Moon from the Earth? And what would happen if we lit a candle in space?

  1. Honey has no expiration date

  2. Turritopsis Nutricula is the only biological organism that is immortal

  3. The heart of a whale is so large that a man could swim in its arteries. (Photo) 

  4. But the diameter of a whale's throat is not bigger than a teacup saucer. 

  5. For every human being, there are 1.6 million ants on Earth. 

  6. An octopus has three hearts

  7. Feng Shui was originally the art of knowing how to choose the best place for a tomb

  8. On Jupiter and Saturn, it rains ... diamonds

  9. In the human body, there are more bacteria than cells

10. The possibility that in the glass of water you are drinking, there is a water molecule that once was in the urine of a dinosaur, is 100%

11. Frankenstein is not the character's name but that of the inventor

12. Catfish can distinguish 27,000 different tastes, five times more than human beings. 

13. The classic goldfish bowl for fish is the worst home you can find for them. 

14. Reading with low lighting or using a computer in the dark, has no negative effect on your eyesight. 

15. The University of Oxford is older than the Aztec Empire

16. In Cyprus, Santa Claus is called Basile

17. No one has ever domesticated an African elephant

18. Not sleeping enough can make feel like you are surrounded by enemies

19. The wrinkled skin on your fingertips helps to improve your grip. In fact, when the human body is in a damp environment (or spending a lot of time in the water), it perceives surfaces to be too slippery, which is why the skin wrinkles. 

20. The small groove that separates the lips from the nose, is called a philtrum, and it forms during the last stage of the development of the face, in the womb. 

21. Round buttocks formed when for humankind, it became necessary to run fast to hunt. For this reason, human beings developed long legs and round and muscular buttocks to cushion the impact while running. 

22. The heart of a woman beats faster, but a man's heart is bigger.

23. Here is what we would see in the sky if Jupiter was the same distance as the Moon from the Earth.

image: pexels.com

24. Sand looks very different when seen through a microscope.

25. On the left is a photo of a candle lit in a space subjected to gravity and on the right is a candle lit in the absence of that same force.

image: popmech.ru

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