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Looking at these 24 hacks you will not…
 Twenty 25 helpful tips that are more than a century old, but they are still incredibly useful

Looking at these 24 hacks you will not be able to explain how you did not think of them before!

October 24, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

What type are you when you find yourself in trouble and you have to find a solution?

Maybe you are the type who gives up and maybe asks someone else's help without even trying first, or perhaps you are the type who just has to do everything by yourself no matter how long it takes!

If you are one of the latter, you will certainly have made use of your fantasy at one time or the other and come up with brilliant solutions like these!

1. Do you have to attach something to a wall with precisely measured holes? Copy the image and use the print as a guide.

image: Robertokpi

2. Cut the neck off a bottle and use it to seal bags.

image: gokuflip100

3. For all Lego enthusiasts: Omni can be useful for supporting cables!

image: xkkt

4. If you fill a tent with sand, your child will be able to play sheltered from the sun, you will be sure that animals will not leave their feces or urine and that grass and weeds will not grow in the middle of the tent sandbox!

image: yepright

5. Do you have to move? Keep and hang your clothes in garment bags and in this way you can empty a closet in five seconds.


6. For group photos --- Here's how to show who took the photo!

7. Feed several newborn puppies at the same time!

image: fghjjkl54

8. This boy is using a blower motor to go faster on his skateboard.

image: prodiG

9. It's not stupid if it works.

image: XiKiilzziX

10. "Last year my husband said he would take care of taking down the Christmas tree. This year I discovered it like this."

11. Here's an idea about how to leave an emergency key outside the house, making sure no one finds it.

image: hacksof.life

12. To find something small that has fallen under the couch, put a sock or stocking over the vacuum cleaner tube, and in this way, the object will not end up in the vacuum cleaner bag.

image: bobret

13. With hooks attached upside down, the garbage bag will always stay in place.

image: bobret

14. How to hang out the laundry using half the clothespins.

image: imissbigmacs

15. Those with a serious sweet tooth finish a jar of Nutella by putting some ice cream inside!

image: btm909

16. Attach a magnetic strip to the inside of a drawer to keep bobby pins in order.

17. Two clothes hangers are useful supports for a tablet computer.

image: byronshell

18. Did you know that with two wooden chairs you can make an open wall storage closet? And it can hold a lot of clothes!

19. In this way, you can read while soaking in the tub and be sure not to get the book wet!

20. Get extra space in the microwave by using a simple cup or mug.

21. This is a Japanese notebook hack --- Create an index at the end of the notebook and mark the edges of the pages so you can quickly find the topic.

image: 6minuterule

22. You only need three hooks to create a tablet computer support.

image: ItsMyCake

23. When a light bulb explodes, you can use a cut potato to safely remove it from the socket.

image: happyperson

24. Office clamps can be used to maintain order in the freezer and to prevent ice from covering the packages.

image: Roxanne712
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