Are you ready for some cartoon trivia?…
What do you get when you mix the past and the present? NOW! :) Just in case you have not seen enough crazy things today ...

Are you ready for some cartoon trivia? Ok! Let's go!

September 30, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you are a child and watching cartoons, some things are entirely secondary, even if we had happened to notice something strange! 

It is only after growing up when you go back and look at cartoons, do you realize the absurdities that things like comic books and cartoons told us all throughout the period of our childhood.

Finding how easy it was for us to accept those impossible things will make you look back and laugh at that period of your life. For example, have you ever wondered how could it be possible that ...

The Three Little Pigs actually had a photo of their "father" hanging in their living room.

How do Arthur's ears work?


Always naked, then they go to the beach and they put on clothes ...

How the Flinstones celebrated Christmas even before the birth of Jesus.

Are you sure they cannot get out of the cage?


First, he tells her that she is the love of his life then he forgets what her face even looks like --- and to find her he has to ask every girl in his kingdom to try on a shoe!

Pippo and Pluto are two dogs, but one is the owner and one is the dog ...


The incomprehensible Disney logic ...

Explain how this is possible.


Minnie is a mouse ... who is afraid of mice.

Do you want to make it clear that two cartoon characters are husband and wife? Draw them as if they are a twin brother and sister!

He listens to music with his eyes.

Throughout the entire realm, Cinderella is the only one who wears that shoe size. The only one.

He finds a corpse in the forest and kisses it. Now, who wouldn't do that?

He learns English from an English girl but speaks with an American accent.

Come on! ...Did they ever have hair before .... yes or no?

Ducks eating chicken ...

Born and raised in the jungle but he never has a beard (and is an expert on Western customs?) ... It just doesn't add up!

The physics of SpongeBob's world is different.

Someone tell us how Phineas Flynn puts on his shirt!


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