These twins seem to be watching TV but the video that their Mom makes is much more fun!

All of us, when we were children, watched an animated film dozens of times, learning by heart all the songs, dialogues, and moves ... But can you say that you were able to do it, at a very tender age,…

Are you ready for some cartoon trivia? Ok! Let's go!

When you are a child and watching cartoons, some things are entirely secondary, even if we had happened to notice something strange!  It is only after growing up when you go back and look at cartoons,…

A thrilling song from the film "The Lion King"...

Anyone born in the nineties has probably seen the animated film "The Lion King", almost certainly more than once. So, how can I forget the song that opens one of the most beloved animated films in the…

If you live this man's same NIGHTMARE, then this video will make you think !

Every day we are used to using hundreds of objects, more or less useful, and it seems we can't live without them. The market has specialised in creating new needs, to the point that you buy something…

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