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Historically one photo can definitely…
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Historically one photo can definitely be worth more than a thousand words!


Reading about the most significant historical facts that have characterized contemporary history can help us to understand much of an era, but what one photo image, even without a caption, is able to convey often goes beyond the ability of a written text. 

A photo shows us the reality behind the words, transmits sensations and, above all, forces us to feel a great sense of empathy and self-identification. Discover the stories behind what we have selected for you in this historical photo gallery.

Dorothy Counts was one of the first black American students to attend an all-white school. Here we see her new classmates making fun of her in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1957.

image: Don Sturkey

Nikola Telsa works in his lab and his magnifying transmitter in 1901 in Shoreham, New York.


A young Austrian boy gets a new pair of shoes. This photo was taken during the Second World War.

image: LIFE Magazine

The tomb of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband in the Netherlands in 1888.

Jewish women and children freed from a train on its the way to a concentration camp in 1945.


A man refuses to make the Nazi salute at a military parade in Germany in 1936.

image: wikimedia

The organizers and participants of the Boston Marathon in 1967 try to prevent Kathrine Switzer from taking part in this sporting event.

In the image, we see Switzer who after resisting pushing and insults finished the Boston Marathon race in 4 hours and 20 minutes in 1967.


A little boy born deaf named Harold Whittles hears sounds for the first time. It was 1974.

image: Jack Bradley

A man looking for work in the 1930s.

image: Source

"I know three trades, I speak three languages, I fought for three years, I have three children, and have been without work for three months: All I want is one job."


The day Sweden switched from driving on the left to driving on the right in 1967.

The reaction of some German soldiers while looking at the images of what was happening in the concentration camps that the Nazi regime had built over the years.

image: Source

Some West Berlin residents show their children to relatives who live in East Berlin separated by the Berlin Wall in 1961.

image: Source

The construction of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, France in 1884.

A ballerina tries to prove her innocence to a judge after being charged with wearing underwear that is too small and too short.

A lesbian couple in the Le Monocle, the first lesbian nightclub in Paris, France in 1932.

Bolaji Badego, a Nigerian design student, wearing an Alien costume. He became famous for that single film appearance in 1978.

Here we see in an open casket the remains of Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, the first man to die during a re-entry accident while on an aerospace mission (April 24, 1967).

After many years of imprisonment in Siberia, this German soldier meets his daughter for the first time. The child is already 12 years old (1956).

image: Source

A Scottish soldier plays the bagpipes to honor the remains of the soldiers who had just recently died on a battlefield (First World War).

The arrival of the "Mona Lisa" at the Louvre Museum in Paris, where it has been on permanent display since 1914.


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