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A painful story that really happened…
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A painful story that really happened ...


To many people, it seems impossible but sometimes an unexpected event occurs, and everything on which our daily life is based can suddenly appear as one, huge lie.

Explaining why this happens would mean digging into the depths of the human psyche and discovering case by case, what people really respect and appreciate.

This man tells a story about an important event that made him open his eyes to a sad reality.

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For ten years I raised my wife's daughter as if she were mine. In fact, she got her degree recently thanks to the economic efforts I made and the car I bought for her to help her reach the university with ease. She lived with us the entire time while she was studying and even after her graduation. 

For a while now, her biological father has re-entered her life and they have begun spending time together, and even though he has never helped her, she decided that she wanted to have him by her side. He, on the other hand, has only used the time to give her false hopes and to make promises that he will never keep. 

When she decided to get married, she spent six months organizing everything with the help of her mom. The place where the wedding refreshment was to take place has a capacity of 250 people and I had a list of 20 people I told her I would like to invite and in the end, it was decided that I would pay for the wedding refreshment. 

However, one day while playing golf with a friend, he told me he did not know anything about this wedding. When I went to read the marriage announcement, I saw that the name of my partner and her ex-husband appeared. Of mine, no trace. 

When I went to ask for explanations, she told me that they could not include my twenty guests in the list of 250 guests. I was disappointed, but by now she had already made me look bad with my friends. 

At the next Sunday dinner, held in the presence of the future groom's family, I discovered that my stepdaughter was going to be accompanied to the altar by her biological father.

I have never felt so humiliated; I did not know whether to scream or burst into tears but after I had told myself to keep calm, I stood up and offered a toast: "It was an honor for me to be part of this family for the last ten years. I want to thank the future spouses for having given me the possibility to understand something very important, which is namely,  that my role here is not what I have been thinking. I thought I was respected, a stepfather who was well-liked. But, now I see that I have only played the role of bankroller from which to withdraw money and nothing more. Therefore, since I have been ignored in regards to the wedding guests and accompanying my stepdaughter to the altar, as of this moment, I concede to her real father the responsibility of paying for her wedding. I will not pay another cent."

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