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A short visual test: try to find the…
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A short visual test: try to find the 16 circles hidden in this image

August 20, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Here we are again to put our brain to the test with a new, and this time, really complicated, optical illusion! It has to do with geometric shapes and that is why it will not be easy for everyone to see what the image actually hides.

First, the optical illusion was posted on the Internet and then only later was the solution revealed. In fact, many people thought it was all a joke and that the image showed only squares.

But no, that is not true! So, now we ask you the same question --- How many CIRCLES do you see in the image?

How many circles do you see in the image? Take all the time you need ...

Are you sure you want to know the solution? You can find it here below!


There are 16! The difficulty was all in focusing attention on the right points!

The image has been rotated only to simplify even more the visualization of the circles, but these can also be seen in the original image. 

Again we have proof that the eyes see only what they want to see and not what really lies in front of them. Seeing only vertical or horizontal lines, the brain makes it difficult to locate circles or curved lines.

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