A warning for dog owners concerning…
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A warning for dog owners concerning hot dogs and razor blades!

July 10, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you love animals and you are a good-hearted person, it is very difficult to believe that there are people who want to harm others or worse to harm even those who cannot defend themselves, like dogs, for instance.  

When something bad does happen then most people are astonished and bewildered by such senseless cruelty! Imagine the reaction of this young couple when they found hot dogs full of broken razor blades in their garden ...

Emma Medeiros was taking her dogs out for a walk when she noticed something on the ground ...

She approached to get a closer look and, when she picked up the pieces of meat, she discovered that they were full of broken pieces of sharp razor blades.

The young woman immediately alerted the police but not before sending a message to alert her entire neighborhood via a public post on Facebook.


The person responsible for this despicable gesture has not been identified but if they had been they would risk up to $ 25,000 fine and/or two years of imprisonment.

"It could have been worse," says the young woman. "Sometimes I leave the dogs alone in the yard before joining them and if I had not been with them from the very beginning something bad could have happened."

Emma and her boyfriend risked losing their pet dogs to this vicious act and it was only by chance that nothing happened. The two have alerted their local animal protection agency to monitor the frequency of these complaints and try to identify the person who is responsible.

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