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A cool way to deal with bothersome telemarketing…
Monkey See Monkey Do --- Parents and their kids, too! A warning for dog owners concerning hot dogs and razor blades!

A cool way to deal with bothersome telemarketing calls!


How many telemarketing calls do you answer every day? If the answer is too many, here is a way to fix the problem --- that you certainly have never thought of! 

Just pass the phone to your child, especially if they do not really "talk" correctly yet but are still able to pretend to be talking and holding a conversation with conviction!

Not convinced?  Do you want to see an example (funny, of course) to observe how well this method works? Just watch this video!

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Born to surf the web

We are now in a super-connected world, and this is the brilliant idea of MTS (Indian company for internet services) to promote its brand. Enjoy the video!
May 01, 2014

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