The amazing power of the "Domino Effect"!
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The amazing power of the "Domino Effect"!

June 29, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do small things really have an impact on larger ones? According to this experiment, yes, and without a doubt, it is a cause for reflection.

Look at what a domino block only a few millimeters tall can do! The researcher, using a pair of tweezers, places the tiny domino at the beginning of the series of domino blocks, then moves to position the last very large block, which weighs 100 kilos (45 lbs).

Now, after watching what happened, we once again ask you to answer the question that we initially put to you ...

A curiosity: In this experiment, there are only 13 domino blocks. However, as the researcher in the video says, if he had 29 domino blocks --- the last one would be as tall as the Empire State Building!


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