The amazing power of the "Domino Effect"!

Do small things really have an impact on larger ones? According to this experiment, yes, and without a doubt, it is a cause for reflection. Look at what a domino block only a few millimeters tall can…

A domino project that took 15,000 pieces and 25 hours to complete!

Hevesh5 is a professional Domino Artist who has exceeded all limits with the realization of her latest intricate and spectacular domino construction. The exorbitant numbers give an idea of the amount…

In a few minutes 128,000 dominoes create a unique show

It is not hard to imagine the amount of patience, dedication and will power required to set up a show like this. 128,000 dominoes were just waiting for a misstep, a cough or a bad movement to ruin hours…
Domino Wtf

10.000 Iphone 5 domino

If true, this 10,000 iPhone 5 dominoes made ​​from AatmaStudio would cost a fortune. In reality it's an animation created on the computer; Nevertheless, we can say that what we're seeing here is ...…

Insane domino Tricks !!

The imaginative and patient creators of this show have taken more than three months and used more than 20,000 dominoes to put this screenlink together: it's many separate sequences which are then put…

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