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How to make stunning "Tie Dye" cake…
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How to make stunning "Tie Dye" cake frosting!

May 07, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Recently cakes decorated with bright colors are in vogue and considered to be trendy, just think about how many people are interested in using sugar paste to create beautiful cake decorations.

In addition to sugar paste decorations, there is a really easy way to give a touch of playfulness to your cake that is easy, inexpensive, and does not require any preliminary preparation.

It is called "Tie Dye Cake" frosting and it consists of creating a colorful mixture that is poured over a cake! The cake frosting is composed of powdered sugar, water, and bright food coloring.

Look at the marvelous results! Simply beautiful, right? Right!  :)

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