Discover how to go from a pineapple tuft to a pineapple plant! -
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Discover how to go from a pineapple…
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Discover how to go from a pineapple tuft to a pineapple plant!


Growing a pineapple is not difficult! Just take a pineapple fruit and cut off the top a few inches beneath the leaves (like in the video). Remove the pieces of fruit and peel off the small leaves until you see a circle of brown dots (this is the point where the roots will start to grow).

Next, prepare a pot with mixed soil and push the crown of pineapple leaves aka pineapple tuft into the soil by pressing so that the part from which the roots will sprout is completely beneath the soil and then water (but not too much!).

After three months you can transfer the pineapple plant to a larger pot.

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