You would not walk a mile in THESE SHOES! :) -
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You would not walk a mile in THESE SHOES!…
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You would not walk a mile in THESE SHOES! :)

April 07, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This Australian dad shows us a sneaker that his son left in the cellar over the weekend.

The man approaches the sneaker and sprays it with an insecticide and he waits a few seconds and sprays again. However, still not satisfied with the results and not being fully convinced, he takes a stick and checks the inside of the sneaker!  

In fact, looking a bit closer, we can see a fairly dense spiderweb that practically covers the entrance to the shoe! After poking the stick inside the shoe, a harmless spider weighing a few pounds comes strolling out of the sneaker! The man says, "Welcome to Australia."

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