Family finds a giant spider in their home and leave it in peace: after 1 year, it is now one of the family

There are people who would run away in the presence of a spider of any size, without thinking twice, and then there are those families, like that of the Grays, who allow a giant spider to live undisturbed…

You would not walk a mile in THESE SHOES! :)

This Australian dad shows us a sneaker that his son left in the cellar over the weekend. The man approaches the sneaker and sprays it with an insecticide and he waits a few seconds and sprays again.…

Disquieting surprises like this are common in Australia ...

Usually, birth is a phenomenon that is observed with astonishment and joy, regardless of the species of the animal in question. However, this concept does not apply when it comes to insects, especially…

A huge spider passes from defense to offense!

You are one of those people who shudder at just the sight of a spider? Well, then this video might make your skin literally crawl! It was filmed in Queensland, Australia, a place known for being home…

Listen to the noise this tarantula makes... It will make you cringe!

At the sight of a tarantula many have a "heart attack" because of its hairy body and huge size in comparison to spiders to which we are accustomed. Inexplicably, however, some are attracted to it and…
Animals Spiders Wtf

They're about to open the car door, but under the handle there's a little surprise !

If you live in a continent like Australia you must get used to encounter unique and often dangerous animals, whether they are insects, reptiles or mammals. In this case, for example, these people were…
Animals Spiders Wtf

If spiders terrify you... this will be a nightmare !

A really disturbing meeting in a cellar in Jersey (Channel Islands): a large specimen of Segestria florentina has built a nest in one corner of the ceiling. What's more, at 0:33 you can see the legs of…

There's a huge spider on the wall of the living room, but wait until you see the whole room !!

The situation documented in this video would be a nightmare for most people. On the wall of the living room this person finds not one, but dozens of spiders. The seem to belong to different generations…
Animals Spiders Wtf

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