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See rainwater transformed into safe…
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See rainwater transformed into safe drinking water!

March 22, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Have you ever wondered why no one had yet invented a device that is able to collect rainwater and reuse it so that all those liters of rainwater that flood our cities and flows into the gutters are not wasted? 

Well, someone has thought about it; namely a group of industrial designers who work for a company called Idees Sustainable, based in Brazil.

In fact, these designers have developed a device capable of turning rainwater into drinking water, thereby, contributing to the amount of water available for daily water consumption through the use of purified rainwater.

The system purifies rainwater through a polyethylene filter (a chemical compound) that cleans the water and collects it in a tank for later use. This invention makes rainwater safe for domestic use, but let's see precisely how it works.

The rainwater filtration system is subdivided into four different phases:

1st phase: the largest impurities such as leaves and twigs are filtered out of the rainwater

2nd phase: the rainwater passes through limestone to adjust the pH value.

3rd phase: chlorine is added to the water to kill any harmful microorganisms.

4th phase: the cycle is completed by a process of micro-filtration that removes any remaining impurities


After completing all four phases the water is collected and conserved for later use in a tank that can hold up to 15 thousand liters.

To understand the process better, here is a video that shows how it works!


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