Band-aid hacks that you might really need one day! -
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Band-aid hacks that you might really…
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Band-aid hacks that you might really need one day!


How many times has a band-aid that we were wearing become very uncomfortable or not very resistant? Maybe you just close your hand to challenge a penalty and behold! The band-aid falls off.

Well, the thing we have forgotten is that band-aids are fully customizable! We can cut them or bend them in the right places to get amazing results both in comfort and in resistance. 

Here's an example of how to apply a band-aid on your finger!

Here is another way to apply a band-aid. Actually, there is a different way for every type of cut or wound!

Follow the steps #1 - #5 to apply the band-aid as shown in the images.


Step # 2

Step. #3

Step. #4


Step. #5

Now watch the video to get some more fantastic band-aid hacks!

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