Discover a clever way to pack your suitcase! Wow! -
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Discover a clever way to pack your suitcase!…
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Discover a clever way to pack your suitcase! Wow!

March 07, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We are always looking for ways to save time and space, especially when we must go on a trip and face the dreaded moment when we have to "pack our suitcase" or bag!

Do not worry, with this amazing method you can carry a small suitcase, which will pass all security controls --- without having to give up on packing the clothing that you feel is necessary! Plus you even have room for more than a few changes. 

Definitely to keep in mind for your next trip!

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Como en esta época, muchos salís de vacaciones, vuelvo a compartir mi vídeo haciendo la maleta con 40 prendas y ni una arruga. Esta fórmula que probé tras verla en Youtube, aunque tiene algún inconveniente, os confieso que relaja... ¡Y es bien curiosa! ¿Qué opináis?

Pubblicato da Ahorradoras su Lunedì 20 giugno 2016

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