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DIY mix to make exquisite hot chocolate…
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DIY mix to make exquisite hot chocolate in minutes!

February 09, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

How to sweeten those moments when your mood is low and depressed, if not with a cup of hot chocolate? But I strongly recommend . . . one made by you, not one bought at the supermarket!

There is the possibility, in fact, to make and enjoy a genuine cup of hot chocolate, so why not take advantage? To fill a 750 ml jar you need, 225 grams of flour (whole wheat is also fine), 225 grams of brown sugar, 150 grams of cocoa powder and a hint of cinnamon if you wish.

To prepare a cup, pour 4 tablespoons of your prepared hot chocolate mix into a small pot and then add 250 ml of milk, a little at a time. Next, put the pot on the stove over a low flame and continue stirring until the chocolate thickens! Voilà! Your hot chocolate is ready! 

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