These twins have two VERY different perspectives! -
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These twins have two VERY different…
Hey! Baseball lovers discover an ingenious way to work out! See what love and determination can do ...

These twins have two VERY different perspectives!


These two twin girls might certainly have shared nine months of gestation in their mother's womb, but from the moment they came out into the world, they began to show how different their personalities are!

Whereas one of the two twin girls starts with patience to try to place the shapes carefully in their proper openings, the other twin girl does not submit at all to the stress and solves the problem with a single, cunning move . . .

Tags: FunnyChildren
Funny Twins Have Creative Problem Solving Skills

Baby life hacks in full swing.

Pubblicato da America's Funniest Home Videos su Venerdì 18 novembre 2016

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