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Wait! Do not throw away your silica…
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Wait! Do not throw away your silica gel packets!

November 28, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We have all wondered about the usefulness of the little transparent beads contained in those small white packets, which are often found in boxes of new items, such as shoes, clothing, or even medicines.

But what is their function? The small white packets contain silica gel, a substance capable of adsorbing moisture and therefore preserving the integrity of a packaged item. In fact, the silica gel balls absorb moisture and keep the surrounding air dry. 

The utility of silica gel packets does not end when we take the new item out of the box, in fact, there are many other uses that few people know. Here's on what other occasions you can use them!

image: earth911.com

Put silica gel packets in a drawer with your towels --- in this way, you can stop the towels from taking on unpleasant odors due to a closed humid environment, and you will have the assurance of offering guests pleasantly scented towels.

Use silica gel packets in your gym bag  --- silica gel also prevents the formation of mold in damp spaces. Our advice is to put a few packets inside your gym bag, where it easy for mold to form due to the presence of moisture from wet clothes. In this way, you can also eliminate bad odors due to the presence of mold!

The usual hack of putting a cell phone that has fallen into water into a full jar containing salt or rice is very effective, but it is even more so if you use the silica gel beads contained in the silica gel packets.

image: musecc.com

Instead of spending endless minutes waiting for car window fog to disappear, put some silica gel packets in the car! 

Do you want to conserve for longer periods the pumpkins you decorated for Halloween? Put some silica gel packets inside the pumpkins!

To prevent the deterioration of old family photos over time, just store them in a box with some silica gel packets.

Do you use face powder makeup? The lumps that form are due to moisture and to eliminate them just get in the habit of putting a silica gel packet in your makeup bag.

Do you want your razor blades to last longer? Keep your razor blades in a plastic container with a packet of silica gel.


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