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Video Swimming Pools

What do you think about a hidden swimming pool?

The creator of this pool was really clever ...

A pool everyone would like to have

A swimming pool that you don't see every day. The AGOR Engineering Enterprises is a leading company in the industry, specialising in the design, manufacture, fitting and maintenance of movable floors.…

This dog was terrified of the water, but the owner takes care of it !

He may be big, but this mastiff female is like a cute puppy when in front on water. While wanting to reach his family in the pool, he never swam and he's terrified. So, after having strapped him with…

Built in five years and more than 1 km long: here's the largest pool in the world!

Located about 90 km from Santiago, in Chile, the huge pool of San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo is over a kilometer long, covers an area of more than 8 hectares and contains 250 million liters of…

How to build a swimming pool from wooden pallets!

If having a swimming pool in your garden has always been your summer dream but you thought it would be too expensive to build one. . . you are wrong! With the right set of tools, a lot of patience and…

One moment a lovely picnic -- the next a frightening EARTHQUAKE!

Earthquakes are unpredictable natural calamities that can unleash an unimaginable destructive force. In fact, if precise antiseismic standards and measures are not observed and enforced then, any building,…

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