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Video Swimming Pools

What do you think about a hidden swimming pool?

The creator of this pool was really clever ...

A pool everyone would like to have

A swimming pool that you don't see every day. The AGOR Engineering Enterprises is a leading company in the industry, specialising in the design, manufacture, fitting and maintenance of movable floors.…

This dog was terrified of the water, but the owner takes care of it !

He may be big, but this mastiff female is like a cute puppy when in front on water. While wanting to reach his family in the pool, he never swam and he's terrified. So, after having strapped him with…

She goes up a 30 meters water slide: this will make you hold your breath !

Instead of creating a standard water slide, the builders of this of the BSR Cable Park in Waco (Texas) have added a feature that is attracting the attention of fans around the world. With its 30 meters…

What you can do in this 2 MILLION dollar POOL, is hard to believe...

If in some parts of the world there are people who do not even know what a bath is, in other some have too much money available and does not want to settle for a normal pool. This construction has 5 monumental…

The pool party to which all dog lovers would love to be invited !

The name Lucky Puppy tells it all for this detention center for dogs in Michigan. To entertain and refresh their hosts, the center operators have organized a party a unique pool party. It remains to be…

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