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Video Oddities

This is one of the the weirdest things I've seen a dog doing !!

What may seem like a lack of respect for the dog, it seems like he's enjoying it: according to owner, Sara the dog usually asks to be placed on the swing every time they go to the park !!

I've never seen such an "organised" team, building a road like this !

Everyone has their own work strategy, and must adapt to the tools he has. If all you have is a car and some workers, you have to come up with something, to pave the road!!

This is what happens when walking on quicksand !

Morecambe Bay is a large bay in north-east England, famous for being the largest area of mud and sand in the country (about 310 sq km).

She start by creating a ball of cotton candy: the end result is amazing

This extraordinary footage was taken in the streets of the ancient town of Ciqikou, China. Across the country cotton candy has a long tradition as a snack that can be enjoyed in the markets in every shape…

Here one of the rarest sea fish you'll ever see !!

This strange animal is an oarfish and belongs to the family of Regalecidae, which can be found in all temperate and tropical ocean areas. The shape of their body is incredible and although they can reach…

Is this creature a freak of nature? What is it?!

Luján Eroles was walking in her garden when at one point she came across this disturbing creature and ran into her house screaming to her friends. The monster looks like a worm with snake-like skin and…

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