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Video Oddities

A young man creates a giant sphere by gluing 42,000 matchsticks together for one year and then sets it on fire!

A boy named Wallace, who lives in the state of New York, was one day fiddling around with some matchsticks when he noticed an intriguing feature about their shape. What he saw was that the colored end…

Have you ever seen a mountain katydid?

Have you ever been completely amazed while watching a documentary about animals and nature? It is not that difficult because the world we live in is full of wonders, even though it seems like we do not…

Is this creature a freak of nature? What is it?!

Luján Eroles was walking in her garden when at one point she came across this disturbing creature and ran into her house screaming to her friends. The monster looks like a worm with snake-like skin and…

She start by creating a ball of cotton candy: the end result is amazing

This extraordinary footage was taken in the streets of the ancient town of Ciqikou, China. Across the country cotton candy has a long tradition as a snack that can be enjoyed in the markets in every shape…

Someone said that you can open a bottle of WINE with a SHOE. But ... is it really that easy?

Having learned from a video that you could open a bottle of wine with a shoe, the creators of this video wanted to try it in person: it seems to be true, but not very simple ...!

This is what happens when walking on quicksand !

Morecambe Bay is a large bay in north-east England, famous for being the largest area of mud and sand in the country (about 310 sq km).

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