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While a boy throws food at the fish, someone very hungry arrives !

While this guy entertains tourists throwing food at the fish of the Maldives, someone passing by decided it's time for a snack. A stingray comes out of the water just to fill his stomach.
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The huge shadow turns out to be something incredibly fascinating

What at first glance looks like a huge oil slick, is instead a breathtaking view offered by nature: millions of anchovies invade this gulf located in California, accompanied, as usual, by a swarm of hungry…

They dive to explore the seabed and encounter a GIGANTIC fish . . . What a show!

This sea creature is as big as a shark but its good-natured disposition has made it less famous and feared! We are talking about the ocean sunfish, also known as the Mola Mola, which is the world's largest…

The second largest aquarium in the world

A huge tank containing 7,500 cubic meters of water has been awarded the second place among the largest aquariums in the world. Inside there are the huge aquatic animals including whale sharks and mantas…

I had never seen a fish behave in this way !

With regard to fish you can say everything, that they are beautiful, colorful, elegant, fast, funny ... but certainly not friendly! For this reason, the behavior of this cichlid Flowerhorn will leave…

They seemed to be birds but ...

An impressive show that features thousands of rays. These beautiful animals can reach a width of more than two meters with their wings, which they use for swimming and ... flying.

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