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Video Fishes

A woman buys a dying fish in a pet shop and in a few weeks manages to save its life

When Victoria Schild entered a household goods store, she noticed on a shelf a tiny bowl with a motionless fish inside. It was a barely recognizable Betta Splendens male (what is commonly called a "fighting…

This fish has caught everyone's attention --- just look at its mouth to understand why!

This fish does not know how to talk like Disney's marine protagonists, yet there is something human about it all the same:  its teeth! It is the Sheepshead, also known by the name of "sheep fish", another…

23 of the most absurd and spectacular aquariums that people have ever created!

Having a home aquarium is perhaps one of the most effective ways to make your home environment distinctive and more appealing, in general. However, even in the world of aquariology, you can opt for something…

A Russian fisherman photographs the strangest creatures he has found and what he shows looks like a horror film!

The city of Murmansk is a seaport on the Kola Bay (extreme north-west of European Russia), and it is on one of its trawlers that Roman Fedortsov works. The job that he has allows him to come into contact…

Here is why releasing goldfish into the environment can be very dangerous

One of the major threats to the delicate balance of an ecosystem is the introduction of foreign species by humans. Too often, when we want to get rid of an animal or a plant, we inject them into nature…

An Octopus makes its GREAT ESCAPE!

Some fishermen have just pulled a big octopus out of the sea onto their boat, but it does not intend to surrender to the idea of being caught. Most of the men think that they have closed all possible…

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