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Video Fear

The most horrifying prank of 2013

One of the most successful horror candid camera. How scary !!

What if death appeared behind you?

A brilliant candid camera where victims see something really scary ...

The real life

Samara Morgan is back to make your life more frightening than ever ...
Fear Frights Wtf

On a boat ride hunted by a shark: the attraction that recreates one of the most famous films in history

One of the most famous attractions of the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando,Florida, is the Shark one, taken from the famous film by Steven Spielberg. While visitors are out on a boat ride, the…
Fear Funny Rides

A scary experience --- meeting a bear unexpectedly!

How would you react if, while you were in town taking a walk, you found yourself face to face with a ... bear? Probably not everyone would be able to have the presence of mind of this Florida woman who…

A hungry lioness meets a child at the zoo! . . .

How about going to the zoo and ending up in the lion's cage? . . . Well, almost! When the parents of this little one-year-old child put him in front of the glass cage of the lionesses, they never imagined…

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