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Disquieting surprises like this are common in Australia ...

Usually, birth is a phenomenon that is observed with astonishment and joy, regardless of the species of the animal in question. However, this concept does not apply when it comes to insects, especially…

During his funeral, a little girl wears the helmet of her firefighter father killed in a bushfire in Australia

The devastating bushfires that have hit Australia since autumn 2019 have taken on the characteristics of a real catastrophe. At the expense of the terrifying bushfires are not only millions of animals,…

A fireman rescued a kangaroo joey that was trying to save itself from a raging bushfire by taking shelter under a tree trunk

In Australia, huge bushfires are wreaking havoc on the land and killing millions of animals. Considering that Australia is made up of six states and in each of them there is at least one large bushfire,…

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