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Moving trees ... Never been so easy!

In Australia, a company that deals with the removal and repositioning of the trees ... very original!

A man and his faithful friend will make you smile ...

In Australia, in all the areas close to the coast, the population of kangaroos is quite extensive (and growing!). Therefore, the probability of encountering one is actually quite high, but what would…

Fantastic drone images of an incredible PINK lake!

The reason why the waters of Lake Hillier on Middle Island, in the South Atlantic, off the south coast of Western Australia are pink is not yet clear! However, as can be seen from the drone images, the…

Watch what road engineering technology can do! .... Fantastic!

When you are dealing with immense areas, it is normal that efficiency and speed should adapt to necessity. In fact, here for you to watch is the complete process by which a dirt road, located literally…

Disquieting surprises like this are common in Australia ...

Usually, birth is a phenomenon that is observed with astonishment and joy, regardless of the species of the animal in question. However, this concept does not apply when it comes to insects, especially…

You would not walk a mile in THESE SHOES! :)

This Australian dad shows us a sneaker that his son left in the cellar over the weekend. The man approaches the sneaker and sprays it with an insecticide and he waits a few seconds and sprays again.…

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