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A Doctor Saves A Stray Dog From A Slow…
Can you imagine discovering a nine-year-old Easter egg? This mama Panda bear unexpectedly sets a world record!

A Doctor Saves A Stray Dog From A Slow And Painful Death!


She had already been roaming the streets of Karditsa (Greece) for two weeks when a person with a big heart spotted her and immediately took her to a veterinarian. 

This dog, Mara, had a jaw that was not only broken jaw but also facing "backward" which meant that it had become extremely painful and difficult for her to eat (if she could find something). 

What exactly caused the fracture is not known but it is evident that the blow was struck with considerable force ... When you see the result of the operation, you will understand what delicate care must have been taken to reposition her jaw and restore the correct form to her muzzle.

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